We made plans to do some bank fishing today, so we waited until afternoon to throw some lines at Bertrand.  The goal was to try out some new hooks.  The hooks seemed ok, but the bite was slow and the cold was soon unbearable.  We put a couple of trout on the stringer, then called it a day.  What a contrast to the fly fishing we did on Wednesday.
   We had a glorious afternoon on the river Wednesday in the excellent company of two fly fishermen. After launching at Bertrand, we made our way downstream with an eye out for surface activity. We took a turn around the pool in front of Spider Creek where the fishermen began plying their arts.  We threw everything at them but the kitchen sink (and we considered that!) with spotty results. The midge hatch seemed to be going full bore and we spotted just a few mayflies. Summer here?  After a time we moved upstream and repeated our efforts. Again, lots of surface activity was apparent, but not so many midges this time. We had noticed several bank fishermen who also had only spotty luck at best. So, we gave up on catching but thoroughly enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of fellowship among the beauties of nature.