Despite the continuing dry weather and lack of water in the White River near Beaver Dam, we decided to try our luck.  Happy to say that the trout were responsive.  We launched two boats at Houseman and headed downstream.  Our first stop proved productive and we stayed quite a while.  When the trout seemed to stop biting, we tried some reverse psychology and threatened to leave.  They must have heard us because the bite picked up for some time.  Eventually we moved on to another spot where the fish finder recorded some fish.  They were hungry, too, and even seemed larger that those in the first hole.  Berkley paste worked well today, but the Berkley eggs worked even better.  On occasion, we even turned to wax worms and those got the bite also.  We all got our limits today, including the guide.  The surprise of the day was the presence of some perch, which are not often seen around this part of the river.  Two of them made it into our boat.