We launched at 1:00 to avoid some of the cold weather and the generation scheduled in the morning.  A red flag warning had been issued due to the wind and dry conditions.  We went upriver and anchored at a favorite spot.  The fish were reluctant to play and the wind blew hard enough to drag out the anchor.  We gave up after a fish or two and tried to drift fish with a rig I had used on the other side of the state several times with a good deal of success.  No luck with it today, and since we were in a familiar spot it just reaffirmed that the fish were refusing to play.  We trolled downstream, again with no fish and just a strike or two.  At the next anchorage we began to catch some fish.  It was around three which seemed to be the time the fish were returning from their siesta.  They stopped biting about as fast as they began.  We were using a little Power Bait and quite a bit more Power Balls, all of various colors.  Since the bite stopped we tried trolling downstream again, pulling a flicker shad and a rapala.  Although these have often done well in the past, the fish were still refusing to play.  About this time the sun was beginning to go down and the wind seemed to be picking up, but maybe it was the absence of the solar heat the made it seem that way.  We were thinking about anchoring again but my guests opted to go in so that their guide might have some daylight for the cleaning and bagging process.  


I have taken the boat into the shop for its annual maintenance and plan on entertaining kids and grandkids for Christmas soon.  Merry Christmas to all.  Good fishing and tight lines to each and every one.