How fortunate this trip was Saturday, a gorgeous fall day with mild temperatures.  We proceeded upstream at 8:00 a.m. and noted that there was very little wind and no generation going on.  It was a only bit cool and what felt like heavy mist might have been heavy fog.  One of the guests was a food writer who learned about the huge bonita in Japan just last week, so I thought trout might be anti-climatic.  He said he enjoyed himself, and it had been sometime since he actually had caught fish. The other gentleman was a chef and the two of them were going to have a get-together that evening for 14 chefs.  I bet the fresh trout they are serving will be delicious. These experienced fishermen even jumped in on the fish cleaning.   We had to take a photo since that doesn’t happen often around this cleaning station.  We saw an eagle a couple of different times, an otter, and of course Blue Herons and King Fishers, all in the course of fishing this morning.  We anchored upstream and the guys did great.  They limited out in no time using several colors of Power Bait and Power Balls.  The time we spent trolling was not productive today.  Maybe next time this guide will suggest smaller lures.  See you on the river and tight lines.