We started Friday’s fishing excursion at a few minutes after 8:00 so that we might get a bit more sun, and therefore, warmth. Since the fishermen on board had fished here last Thanksgiving weekend, they understood what the weather can do. When I launched about 7:15, mine was the only boat at Houseman. By the time we finished, there were 14 boats that we counted. After watching an otter for a minute, we proceeded upstream and anchored. The wind was predicted to be 14 mph this day, but as usual the prognostications of the weather were a bit off and the wind was the exception that proved the rule. The bite was slow and the wind was a problem, so we moved the anchorage perpendicular to the wind mid stream and fished some more. The fish were begrudging the bite and we moved again to finish off the limit. We did, however, manage to catch 3 slots which was somewhat unusual. By this time the wind was strong enough to move us, in spite of the anchors. After considering heavier anchors, we decided to just to go with the flow and plan on moving with the wind. We used Power Balls and Power Bait of various colors and none seemed to turn the fish on much and the slow bite continued. We tried a lure, mice tails, that worked well in Texas but these hillbilly rainbow up here didn’t seem too impressed. Then again, they were not overly impressed with anything today:).

While cleaning the fish we discussed dad and granddad taking some grandchildren for a fishing experience. Having done that myself a few times, I was happy to share some advice on a place that might be most conducive to the safety of little ones and likely to lead to catching a fish. See you on the river and tight lines.