We launched at 8:00 a.m. from Houseman Access after wondering the previous day just what Saturday had in store for us.  The weather looked ominous and I couldn’t get a read on SPA’s intended schedule of generation.  Normally they post the schedule for Saturday, Sunday and Monday on Fridays after 5:00 PM.  This week the site still read Saturday as November 11, though other days and dates were published.  By the time morning arrived we were looking at a possible 20 degree slide in temperature, plus rain and 40 mph wind gusts.  All in all, the day looked challenging to say the least. It was in the high 60’s when we launched with just a little wind on the river.  We saw a bald eagle on our way to the first anchorage and noticed a little more wind as we began fishing.  It didn’t take too long before the first, second, and third fish found the live well.  Either the same eagle or another flew over to welcome us to a good fishing spot.  We tried Power Bait and Power Eggs of various colors and were having a good time.  When using ultra-light tackle one has to be conscious of the wind, especially when fishing perpendicular to to the wind.  The wind can blow the line enough to move the sinker on the bottom of the river, so in cases like that one fishes into or away from the wind.  Today was the first time fishing from that anchorage when the wind was at our backs.  Several times it precipitated on us.  I say that because it really wasn’t raining or misting and the wind picked up so much, there was no telling exactly what it was doing.  We moved to a couple of different spots and the wind was so gusty that our anchors didn’t hold, so we tied up to some stumps.  About then, we were wet and cold (the temperature had now dropped to 47 degrees), and we had caught our limits so we headed to the house.  See you on the river and tight lines.