I launched at dark-thirty and we shoved off about 7:00 a.m. as it was getting light. It was a little chilly and we wanted to reduce the air blowing around us, so we decided to proceed at a reduced SOG (speed over the ground).  Of course, in order to be productive as possible, we decided to troll.  First, we dragged a Rapala and a Flickershad.  The Flickershad turned out to be the most useful.  We boated a couple of very nice Rainbows, one of which was at least in the slot category, if not even larger.  Since we were not keeping any fish today, they were released back into the deep after their exercise.  We anchored and fished with various colors of Power Balls and some Power Bait.  After a bit, we proceeded further upriver and found another anchorage and enticed even more rainbows aboard.  During our expedition, we caught two fish that didn’t seem to want to recover after being released, so they went  into the live well to visit the freezer later that morning.  The day ended with no generating, no rain, and a nice day's worth of good fishing. Tight lines and see you on the river.