Well, it was a stealth trip today :)   We received a phone call from the daughter of a couple who were making plans to celebrate their 36th wedding anniversary.  Since they were coming from Minnesota to Eureka Springs, and since they both love to fish, she had the perfect gift idea for them.  When they arrived in Eureka Springs, they were then allowed to open the mystery envelope.  They were delighted with the gift of a fishing trip because trout fishing was their favorite type of fishing, even after having experiences fishing in Alaska, Canada, and several northern states.  We launched at 9:00 a.m., not usually the very best time for limiting out, but hey, it's their anniversary and it was a long drive down here.  We left Houseman going upstream, really enjoying ourselves, and chatting a good part of the way.  We anchored and "released the Krackins” on those unsuspecting trout.  These folks pulled in fish after fish in no time, using both Power Bait and Power Balls.  It was interesting that a couple of other fisherman heard the giggles coming from our boat and came to our anchorage like bees after the honey.  We decided on some trolling for a different experience and looked over a couple of local sights of interest along the way.  What a great time!  They were planning on cooking at least a few slabs that evening, done up in a frying pan with onions and potatoes.   “Them's good eatin’!“ as some would say.  Tight lines and see you on the river.

We are headed north to help look after some of our grandkids for a while, so the posts will be curtailed for several days.