We launched at cold-thirty on Tuesday morning.  Actually it was 7:30, and the temperature was a brisk 39 degrees.  We proceeded upstream at a modest rate so as not to induce hypothermia in our guests.  We were graced with some beautiful scenery.  The leaves were beginning to change; along the river they seem to change first.  A beautiful eagle landed on a tall dead tree, and beneath that we saw a deer and her fawn.  Afterwards we saw a few blue herons, so we knew the experts were after the fish.  We anchored and proceeded to land fish.  The bets were on for the First, Largest, and Most.  The competition was so close that we decided to troll for a bit.  It turns out it was a long bit, but the reward was a really nice rainbow.  Our guests were camping with three other couples and they were taking turns cooking great meals.  It was our guests’ turn, and someone else offered to cook the fish if they were lucky enough to land something.  All will be surprised with a limit of really fresh trout for dinner tonight.  Tight lines and see you on the river.