We launched at eight due to the cold and the early morning generation.  It was 38 degrees when we launched and the fog was thick as pea soup, as the saying goes.  A water temperature in the high 50’s and an air temperature in the high 30’s make for lots of condensation.  We went upstream and anchored for some bait fishing, but the current was too much so we elected to troll.  We didn’t do any good trolling so went back to anchoring and had to continually reset the lines due to the current.  I have no idea as to why the SPA had to generate for two hours in the morning.  Their advertised two hours actually worked out to about 4 hours.  Fishing was great, we had the river to ourselves and good company.  Catching was terrible; it was close to the worst day of my guiding career.  On the positive side, my guests used open-faced spinning reels for the first time, and the lady learned how to cast them.  She was a pro by the end of the trip.  The gentleman kidded her about throwing away her Zebco.  They both decided they liked the braided line better than the monofilament.  For the cherry on top we caught a slot and had to release it.  It would have been easier had we caught a slew of rainbows and had to release one instead of catching a few and having to release one.  Regardless, we made sure they left with plenty for a good meal.