We launched about 7:30 from Houseman Access and proceeded upstream at a slow enough speed that my guests wouldn’t freeze.  At the house before we left, the temperature was 67, but before I got to the ramp it was 57 and the water was 58.  We didn’t troll due to having three on board and tangled lines being the likely outcome.  We were treated by a sighting of an Osprey, a king fisher and a blue Heron during the trip.  Back to fishing!  We anchored upstream and commenced our efforts at catching.  You can imagine my elation when all three guests immediately caught fish simultaneously!  This trip was more of a celebration of life than putting fish in the well, but talk about a fast start!  We used various colors of Power Bait and Power Balls.  All of the fisher-people on board were relatively new to trout fishing, so we had some gear and techniques to get used to.  They did great all around, including the use of open spinning reels and Ultra lite rods and tackle. We practiced casting and everyone learned very quickly and did a masterly job.   We tried several different spots including going up up to Bertrand launch ramp and back down river stopping a couple of different places.  Before you know it, our morning was up and we had three new trout catchers on board!