What a beautiful day to be back on the river!  We launched from Houseman at 7 a.m. and began trolling down river.  Since nothing was happening, fish-wise, we turned back up river and continued trolling.  A couple of raccoons entertained us with their riverside dining atop a rock. We had to wonder how they got to that rock from the bluff behind them. This time we had some good strikes and caught a couple of trout.  Since we had arrived at a good anchorage, we switched to bait fishing with several colors of Power Bait and put a several fish in the well.  Our luck was good despite having to toss back a few that fell into the slot area.  We decided to try a couple more anchorages and finished our limits for the day.  As if the day needed to be any more beautiful, we had the pleasure of seeing otters swimming and blue herons skimming over the water.  Hope to see you on the river to enjoy fall in the Ozarks.