There has not been much fishing going on this month.  The cold winds, as well as chores, have kept me near the house.  In addition, if you have driven over the White River Bridge on Highway 62, you have undoubtedly noticed that the water is extremely low.  We’ve been seeing lots more gravel than water due to the abnormally dry conditions.  Thank goodness we had some rain recently.  The sight of some sunshine pulled me to the river this week since I had some new combinations of baits and hooks I wanted to try out.  I went to the Bertrand launch ramp and walked down river a way to start my research.  Starting with paste and eggs, I quickly moved on to wax worms.  I mixed it up with combinations of baits and various hooks.  My research didn’t last long because the bite was too good!  In fact, I caught my limit so quickly that I didn’t learn as much as I wanted.  My plan is to get out tomorrow and see what else I can learn.  I will let you know how it goes.