Sam launched this morning at 8 at Bertrand Launch Ramp and headed a bit up river on a fly-fishing trip.  It was noted that the water at the ramp was 3 feet deep and shallowed over the gravel bar to 1.8 for a short jaunt downstream before gaining a more comfortable depth.  The fishing today started strong, then slowed, as is usual these days about 9 a.m.  We moved downstream to a couple of favorite spots and finished strong as well.  It was the middle of the morning when the fish took a break.  We kept a couple of nice trout for lunch, but threw back the rest.  Interesting sights today included a bald eagle being chased by crows and the stock truck dumping a load of trout at Bertrand.
  While Sam was on his trip, I fished from the bank, both in the Spider Creek area as well as at the gravel bar close to Beaver Dam.  The bite near Spider Creek was OK, but a little slow.  The trout were liking yellow better than any other color that I threw.  When I moved to the launch ramp and walked down river toward the end of the gravel bar, I found that the trout, which had made themselves scarce yesterday, had returned in force.  The bite was about every minute and the fish were close to 'slot' size.  There was a fly-fisherman on scene who was streaming 'hackleback' dry flies and doing pretty well.  He caught three during the time I was fishing.  There were no other people fishing at that site.  The water is very shallow, so try to find a hole where the trout should be hiding.
  Generation for this afternoon is scheduled from 2 through 6 p.m. at 44% of capacity.  The high temperature for today is predicted to hit 88º F. under partly cloudy skies, with winds from the SW at 9 MPH.