We launched at 6:30 this morning at Houseman and headed upriver.   The first stop was just above the Hwy 62 bridge where we found the bite to be so slow as to be nearly non-existent.  If you haven’t seen the river lately, you would be as amazed at the drop in the past few weeks as we were.  Water levels are 2 feet lower than in recent weeks. The normal channel is completely blocked by a gravel bar between the Hwy 62 bridge and the old bridge pilings.  We did drag the boat across the gravel at one point to reach a favorite spot of ours.  It wasn’t easy, but it did pay off.  The fish bit all the bait colors we tried.  We developed our own “bait and switch” tactic.   Our client cast his line, caught a fish, and brought it to the boat.   Guide of the day, Sam, in the meantime, had a rod baited and ready for casting.  So he took the empty rod and handed over the baited one.  In a few repeats of this technique, we had our limits, including a beauty more than 16 inches in length.  See him at the left side of the stringer?

Generation today is scheduled for 3 - 5 p.m. and from 3 - 6 p.m. tomorrow, which will only temporarily help the water levels.  Anyone know a good rain dance?