Launched at Bertrand Launch Ramp this morning at 6:30 and picked our way downstream from the ramp to a quiet anchorage.  It was not quiet for long since the trout began giving us a workout almost immediately after the bait hit the water.  They bit on every color we threw at them and kept up the fast pace until about 8:40.  Even the guide brought home his trout limit today forsmoking.  Things eventually slowed to a more normal bite rate of every two or three minutes.  The fastest bite was on fluorescent orange followed by chunky cheese.  We enjoyed the cool weather, but were not unhappy to see the temperature finally hit 60.  One of the clients aboard indicated that she had never caught as many fish before.  She not only caught the most trout, but also the largest, which sadly was in the slot so went back into the river.  After asking how we told the difference between the sexes of the trout, she was pleased to learn that the male trout had the larger mouth.  Everyone had a good laugh about that!  Sam and I have been very lucky with the clients we have fished with, and today’s couple, a delight to chat and fish with, was no exception.  
  The high temperature expected today is 72º F. under partly cloudy skies. The wind is out of the north at 7MPH.  Generation is scheduled for four o'clock this afternoon at 23% of capacity.  Get out and enjoy these fall temperatures!