We launched both boats at Houseman Access at 6:30 this morning and moved up river to a spot past the Hwy 62 bridge.  If you decide to go farther upstream than the bridge, you may find the going a little 'dicey' since the water approaching the bridge is less than 2 feet where there used to be 4 to 5 feet.  If you get past the bridge and try to get up to the old 62 bridge pilings you may have to get out and drag the boat.  But I digress.  Sam and I got on location and began catching trout.  We kept the boats close so the family could remain within chatting distance.  Happily enough for them, they were too busy with fishing to be ‘conversational.'  The father and older son were with Sam while the mother and 6-year-old, who had never caught a fish, were with me.  To sum up the results, the 6-year-old caught his first fish and then some.  Son #2 and Mom and Dad did their share and we came home with our limits.  The fish bit on salmon peach, yellow and slowly on rainbow.  Although the morning began pretty cool for Sept. 3, (55º F), it warmed up a little as the day brightened.  The water temperature at the Hwy 62 bridge was 49.2.º  There were surprisingly few boats out on this holiday weekend Saturday.  
  Generation for today is to be for one hour this afternoon, 5 PM.  Tomorrow is for one hour, 6 PM.  The high today was 80º F. under mostly sunny skies with winds from the ESE at 5 MPH.