This fishing report is intended to cover yesterday's as well as this morning's outing.  Yesterday I checked the fishing at Parker Bend and found out why no fish are being stocked there, even though the pipe has been cleared.  At the end of the stocking pipe there is not enough water to cover the outlet.  In fact, none of the outlet is covered, which would spell the end for any fish coming out.  Decided that since I was there, I would fish downstream from the ramps at the holes about 150 yards away.  Fished with an unexpected companion you can see in the photo, Mr. Noshoulders, who was soaking up some heat on the gravel bar.  This is a copperhead for those of you who are not familiar with poisonous snakes.  While fishing with him, thankfully, I did not get a bite.  Ha!  Actually, since the bite at Parker was terrible, I moved to Bertrand Launch Ramp and walked a couple of hundred yards down river.  Sat down and, in an hour, caught and released 17 trout.
  This morning I fly-fished, first at Parker Bend, trying out a newly tied 'streamer' that was tied by my friend, Ken.  He wanted to know if the browns that are early morning visitors to the riffles by the Parker Bend ramps would 'hit' on his newly-tied fly.  The browns were there, but turned up their noses at everything offered, including the freshly tied ‘ treamer.'  Rats!  Moved to Bertrand and fished near Spider Creek, where the trout were much more accommodating.  
  The high temperature today is predicted to be 72º F. under mostly sunny skies.  Winds are from the north at 6 MPH.  Generation at 23% of capacity is slated for one hour, 5 PM.  Another perfect day to go fish!