We launched at Bertrand Launch Ramp this morning at 6:30 and moved down river towards Spider Creek.  The first place we anchored turned out to be the one where we stayed for the entire trip.  The trout welcomed us with open mouths!  The lady aboard indicated that while she was a good fisherman, she never caught many fish.  Boy, did that change this morning!  She set the 'bar' for her husband by catching over 45 trout.  Total number of fish caught was more than 55, (we stopped counting), 10 of which followed the couple home for husband's birthday dinner.  We had a very nice (the weather was cool), as well as busy (catching, releasing and re-baiting), trip.  Pulled the boat at 11 AM and headed to the fish cleaning station at Hosanna Hills headquarters.  It is amazing how fast time flies when one is with nice people!
  There were several boats out on the river as well as a few fishermen working the bank.  Everyone seemed to be catching fish.  Hope you got out to enjoy the morning.
  Generation is scheduled for one hour, 5 PM, at 40% of capacity.  The high temperature predicted for the day is 88º F. under partly cloudy skies.  Winds are out of the south at 6 MPH.