Have a seat and prepare yourself for a 4 day recap of fishing results.  Saturday morning at 7, I fished close to Beaver Dam and, in 45 minutes, caught 14 trout.  Every color thrown caught fish.  Since it was a catch and release outing, I returned at 10 AM and caught and released 10 more.  Sunday morning I went back and tried again to see if the fishing was still good.  One hour and ten trout later, it was time to go get another cup of coffee and do some home chores.  At 7 AM Monday, I tried the fishing at the gravel bar close to the launch ramp closest to Beaver Dam, and found the trout bite to be a little slower than that of the two previous days, but pretty good.  Caught and released 10 trout in about an hour, then headed home.  Sam called around 10 AM and asked about going fishing.  We arrived at the gravel bar and caught and kept our limit in an hour.  There were other fishermen there who were doing OK.  Yellow and salmon peach worked great.  While outthere fishing, Sam indicated that it might be a good idea to do a 'research' launch at Houseman Access on Tuesday morning to see how the low water has affected the access to the good fishing.
  This morning at 7 AM, Sam and I launched at Houseman Access and headed down river fo a couple of miles.  Although we did not boat any rainbows, there were quite a number of other fish 'marked' on the DSI.  The water temperature at Houseman has fallen quite a bit since last week's 76º F. reading.  This morning it was 54º.  Two miles downstream it was 70º and there was quite a lot of bait evident.  We then moved up river and found that the low water will cause people major headaches if they plan on going upstream of the Hwy 62 bridge.  It is necessary to pick your way through the shallows before the bridge.  Even if your boat sports a jet drive, be very careful.  Gravel sucked into the engine is not good for the well-being of the pump.  If you do make it to the area upstream of the bridge, try fishing the deeper water, (8 feet of it), close to the bridge.  We found trout in several areas on the way up river, but the best bite was just upstream from the Hwy 62 bridge.  You will find that the way farther up river is fine if you are walking.
  Generation is slated from 2 through 7 PM.  The high temperature for today is predicted to be 89º F., under mostly sunny skies.  Winds are from the SSE at 4 MPH.