Over the past two days, I have been fishing later in the morning at the gravel bar below the launch ramp nearest Beaver Dam.  Yesterday, the bite was fair on yellow and salmon peach.  Other people who were fishing there were complaining that there was no bite. In fact, as I was arriving there to fish, there was one fellow who, while on the way back to his car, told me that he had been fishing for a couple of hours with no luck.  While I was drinkingcoffee and fishing, another fisherman came over to see what I was doing to make the trout bite.  Showed him my rig and he went back to re-rig his rod.  I did not see him reel anything in while I was there.  He was using a heavy rod with 6 pound test line.  The trout were in the 'soft-mouth' mode, which may explain why he did not fare too well.
  Today, I tried the same spot and found that the bite was still OK and that the folks fishing there were having a bit better luck than yesterday’s crowd.  The bite was on yellow, salmon peach, garlic and chunky cheese.  Neither rainbow nor fluorescent orange drew any fish attention.  If you decide to try your luck today, be sure to bring some rain gear for the predicted showers.
  There is generation at 44% of capacity scheduled from 3 through 5 PM.  The skies will be cloudy with a chance of thundershowers in the afternoon.  Winds will be southerly at 6 MPH.  High temperature expected is 80º F.