Today was to be a 'research' day for Hosanna Hills. Took along the husband of one of the friends of my wife. He had expressed an interest in trying out his luck on the river. We began our adventure by trolling downstream from Houseman Access. We took a couple of swipes below Blue Springs, then turned our attention to the tailwaters. By the time we got to the first test spot for bait-fishing, we had a 22" walleye in the live-well. We tried several locations that normally do not perform too well until fall, and, for the most part, were not surprised at the results. Ended up at Spider Creek Island where the bite was slow. Trolled back downstream to the next bait-fishing spot, when the 21 inch trout hit on a Colorado 1/4 ounce. Finally fished above the Hwy 62 bridge and closed out our limit. Learned quite a bit about the fish locations in this warming water. My guest had a great time and set a couple of records for himself, first walleye that he had ever caught, which weighed in at just over 3 pounds, and the largest rainbow he had ever caught, at just under 3 pounds. All-in-all, it was a pretty good morning. Hope you got out to 'play' on the river.
Generation for today is scheduled from 3 through 7 this afternoon. The high temperature is expected to hit 95º F. Winds are from the SW at 5.