Began today fishing at the gravel bar downstream from the launch ramp closest to Beaver Dam and found that the trout were more than accommodating when offered yellow, rainbow, salmon peach, chunky cheese and orange.  They did not care for the garlic that they were offered.  Ingrates!  Even with the late start, 7:15 AM, they bit good until around 8, when they decided to take a coffee break.  Me too, since I ran out of coffee about the same time that the bite slowed.  Checked the bite at Parker Bend and found that if one was fishing at the holes down river from the ramps and using worms for bait, the bite was pretty good, for a change.  The parking lot has been graded, so it is no longer necessary to have a tracked vehicle to park there.  Checked out the bite at Bertrand Launch ramp and found that the only folks in the area were those on boats that had launched.  There were no bank fishermen on scene.  It is nice to note that since the water is so low, one can walk the bank downstream towards Spider Creek where the bite is much better than that at the ramp.  The temperature and lure of fresh trout for supper should get true fishing folks to the river.
  Generation is slated for one hour this afternoon, at 5.  The skies should be cloudy today with a good chance of afternoon thundershowers.  High temperature for today is predicted to be 85º F.  Winds are from the SW at 2 MPH.