Launched at 6:30 this morning with a father/daughter duo aboard to try to find some trout that they were hoping to have for supper.  Moved upstream to the other side of the Hwy 62 bridge and anchored in a spot that, in the past, has been good for rainbow harvest.  It did not disappoint!  After putting 8 in the live well, as well as another for this guide’s lunch, we began a catch and release scenario.  After some 20 fish, we decided to troll for the last two.  By the time we reached Houseman, we had our limit, including the 'big one,’ caught by father.  Daughter had not fished for rainbows before, but caught on quickly and ended up giving dad a run for his money!  The weather was perfect for an enjoyable summer day on the river.  August...who would believe it?  The water temperature at Houseman Access was 58º F., but upstream where we initially fished, it was 51º.  Only saw a couple of other boats on the river.
  Generation is slated to occur from 3 through 6 PM.  The winds are from the north at 10 MPH.  Skies should be cloudy and give us a good chance of severe afternoon thundershowers.  Be careful of those storms, especially if you are 'waving around' those graphite rods.