Unusual trip for Sam today! A fisherman, with his son and nephew wanted to learn to catch trout on the river here. So he could learn about the river, he wanted to do it on his boat. Sam met them at Houseman Access and headed up river. The extreme fog made slow going a necessity. No other trailers were in the lot at Houseman, but other boats were encountered on the river. The boat we launched today was lacking an anchor, so we drifted, and the rate of flow was just right for us. Since the bite has stopped so early in recent days, we had to choose to troll first, then hope for good luck bait fishing or the reverse. Time constraints made the decision for us. These folks had to catch a plane in the early afternoon, and our trip didn’t start as early as we hoped, so bait fishing it was. Things went great and we put 11 fish in the live well pretty quickly. Sure enough, the bite slowed to nearly a standstill, so we called it a day.
Well, after Sam and his folks struck out for the upstream trout area, I headed to fish near the gravel bar at the launch ramp closest to the Beaver Dam. The bite there was a little slow, about every 6 minutes, but it was a nice morning to sit and wait between fish. There were a few other people on site who were fishing with more rods than there were people; and they continued doing so even after being told that it was not a legal thing to be doing. The bite shut down at about 8:40, the same as it has been doing for the last week. The bite was on yellow, rainbow and garlic power bait.
Generation for today is only for one hour, 3 PM, and at 23% of capacity. The high temperature for today is expected to reach 79º F., under mostly sunny skies. Winds are from the north at 7 MPH. Another perfect day to fish on the White River!