Armed with an ultra-lite rod and supported with a travel mug of fresh coffee, I settled down directly below the Beaver Dam, (100 yds. away from the structure, of course).  Only two different colors of power bait were tried this morning, rainbow and fluorescent orange.  Both gave good results and the orange came up with the 18 1/2 inch walleye.  Only caught one ‘slot,’ which was 13 1/2 inches.  The bite slowed at 8:15ish.  Since the coffee mug was empty, I headed for Hosanna Hills HQ to take pictures for this report and to clean fish.  Hope you got to get out before the rain.
  Generation is scheduled for only one hour, 3 PM.  The high temperature predicted for today is 78º F., which is pretty darn good for August.  Skies will be cloudy with a chance of afternoon thundershowers.  Winds are from the NW at 7 MPH.