Can you believe it? Another month gone! Delayed the start of fishing until after 7 this morning. The first place that I fished was at Bertrand Launch Ramp. The bite there was slow, at least 25 minutes between action, but I do not know exactly how long, since, with my fishing A.D.D., I headed for another spot. Moved to as close to the Beaver Dam as was legal and found that the bite was OK, that is, about every 5 to 7 minutes. There were three other guys fishing there, using night crawlers with power bait eggs. They had been doing well early in the morning, but not too great when I arrived at 8:15ish. The trout were biting on yellow, garlic and salmon peach. They avoided the darker colors.
Generation is slated to occur at 3 PM, and only for one hour. Winds are southerly at 7 MPH. Skies will be partly cloudy. Go out and have fun fishing!