Launched at Bertrand Launch Ramp at 6:30 this morning and proceeded down river to see if the trout were in the mood to bite. Since my crew was not in a position to take with them the fish they caught, today was to be a catch and release day. In addition, the lady aboard had never fished before, and her husband had not fished since he was a very young child. Once again, after the small learning period, the fairer sex showed the male contingent how it was done. She caught 13 of the 22 fish brought aboard, (then released). The picture shows her with the first fish that she had ever caught. Good job! Among the trout we caught was a cutthroat, the first that I have seen in over four years. The couple were a delightful company and fishing companions. We left the river at about 11 AM, just in time to miss the warming day.
Generation today was to be for just one hour in the afternoon, 4 o'clock. The high temperature predicted for today was 88 º F, but tomorrow is due to hit the low 90s. The radar image shows thunderstorms on our horizon, but with much less chance tomorrow. Winds are from the NNW at 4 MPH. If you go out and fish in the afternoon, take rain gear and watch out for lightning.