Launchtime on Thursday was at 7 a.m. from Bertrand. The cool temperatures and early mist over the river gave us a hint about how special this day could be. We first fished in the usual spots and found the trout bite to be soft and slow. By changing bait colors frequently, we were able to keep the action going and put 8 in the live well. The fishermen decided to switch to trolling and head downriver to see the sights and that brought about the unexpected reward for the Mr. and Mrs. onboard. Mrs. had always longed to catch a brown trout and today was her day! The bite was so soft that Mr. and the guide were whispering to themselves, "set the hook, set the hook” in hopes of helping her land it. Mr., on the other hand, had long hoped for walleye, and was also rewarded! Now he can cook that walleye and see if it lives up to its reputation as one of the “best eatin’ fish” there is.

Temps are to remain in the 80s today with a slight possibility of thunderstorms this afternoon. Should they arise, watch for lightning around the river.