Launched at Houseman Access at 6:45 this morning and headed towards Beaver trolling for walleye.  Caught 4 in about an hour, two of which were males in the 22" range. The other two were 15 and 17 inches, so they got to go back into the river.
We were pulling Flicker Shads to tempt the walleye to bite.  Finally decided to go upstream to get a trout or 10.  The lady aboard set the bar for the trout size to beat, 19 1/2 inches. and tipping the scales at 3.75 pounds.  The bite was slower than usual because we had fished through the most active trout hours, 6 thru 8:30 AM.  However, as one can see from the pictures, we did a little better than just OK... We did mark several large schools of whites, but none of them showed any interest in what we were offering, Ingrates!  Everyone had a good time and got off the water just before starvation took hold.
  Generation is scheduled from 2 through 6 PM at 44% of capacity.  The high today is expected to be 95 hot ones with winds from the SW at 5 MPH.  Go out, fish, stay cool!