Launched at Houseman Access this foggy morning at 6:30.  Since we found ourselves among a small fleet of boats that were entertaining some corporate folks, launch took a few minutes longer than usual.  We wondered how crowded the river would be since all of the other guides headed up river, which was the direction we wanted to go to fish.  Only came across two or three of the boats by the time we reached the Hwy 62 bridge.  Anchored a bit farther upstream and rather quickly put 8 in the live well.  We then began catching and releasing before deciding to troll for larger fish.  Trolled for an hour or so without putting a walleye aboard.  Went back to fishing with bait to limit out on trout only to find out that the bite had pretty much come to a halt.  Tried a couple of places that we frequent without getting the first nibble.  Finally moved to one of our best 'secret' locations and finished off the limit, but only after losing the first two that took the bait (one right beside the boat and the other under a submerged tree limb).  Good fishing company makes for a great time, even in the little bit of rain we were blessed with.  Hope you got to get out with your own great company to catch a trout or two!
  Generation is scheduled from 2 through 6 PM today.  The high temperature is expected to be 85º F. under partly cloudy skies with a chance of afternoon thundershowers.  Winds are from the SW at 7 MPH