Began a trip at 6:30 this morning under an incredible sunrise by launching at Houseman Access and trolling downstream to try for a walleye before fishing for rainbows.  The water temperature at Houseman was 58º F. and stayed in that vicinity as far as we trolled down river, about 1/2 mile.  Although we marked fish only sporadically in our downstream travels, we put a keeper walleye in the live well.  Moved upstream past the Hwy 62 bridge and settled down to invite a few trout for lunch.  After putting 8 in the ‘well,' we caught and released until one of our guests suggested that he would like to try trolling farther up river.  Sounded good to me!  Trolled with a 1/4 oz. Colorado spoon and with a Rapala F-7, black on silver.  Played for a time below Spider Creek Island before heading for the ramp.  For the information of those who may be considering fishing in the morning, the stocking truck paid Bertrand Launch Ramp a visit this morning at 11:30.  The trout bite at Bertrand in the morning should not disappoint!
  There is generation this afternoon from 2 through 6.  The afternoon will continue to be cloudy with some late PM thundershowers.  Winds are from the SSW at 4 MPH.  
  Be careful out there when you are 'wetting a line.’