Sam launched this morning at 7:30 with a 'crew' of two aboard to assist in hauling aboard the expected load of trout.  They fished both upriver and downstream in the Houseman area and found plenty of hungry trout, especially when the bait was garlic.  They released a few small fish to catch another day.  If you have fished the river on the Houseman access side of the river, you may have noted that the trout are not so easy to come by.  Spoke with a guide who was launching as Sam was on the way back for recovery.  The guide with whom I was speaking was lamenting on how difficult it has become to limit out downstream from the Hwy 62 bridge.  As one can see in the picture, Sam and company did not have that problem!
  Generation today is slated from 6 through 7 PM.  It also was scheduled for 8 and 9 this morning, but that never happened.  The high temperature for today is expected to top out at 58º F under sunny skies.  Today’s morning launch temperature was 41 degrees; tomorrow is expected to be 31.  Bundle up!