We delayed yesterday’s launch from Bertrand until after 9 a.m. due to some early morning generation. At 56 units, it was a bit dicey at the beginning of the trip. We first tried our luck downstream where we were able to get out of the heaviest part of the current and cast our bait outside the flow. With this strategy, we were able to catch fish with our usual power bait, although the bite was quite slow. As the current began gradually to slacken, the bite picked up just a little. After an hour and a half, the river was closer to normal flow and we fished in two more spots. We moved across the river further upstream, then back downstream to finish out our limit. As often happens with generation, we got hung up several times, and we had the fun of catching more fish than we were able to get into the boat. It was a day of hard fishing, but rewarding, especially with such fun clients on board. On a beautiful fall day like this, it’s all good.

Today, generation is scheduled for 3:00-7:00 p.m. Temperatures up in the 80’s should make your fishing trip just a fine as ours was yesterday.