Launched at about 8:30 this morning with a couple aboard who were returning to Hosanna Hills once again to try their trout-catching luck with us. We put in at Bertrand Launch Ramp and picked our way past the shallows and into a little deeper water downstream towards Spider Creek. We anchored within casting distance of the mouth of the creek and began catching trout. The bite was much slower than what it had been up until last week, but there were enough fish reeled in that everyone was pleased. Also, once again, the fairer sex showed everyone how it was done. The trout were biting on salmon egg red, salmon peach and rainbow. We threw back 7, five of which were too small and one which was a 'slot', The most interesting 'catch' was a broken line which not only had the hook, barrel swivel and snap swivel attached, but also came aboard with the sinker, which usually falls off the line when it is broken. We had a great time, especially after the morning chill was replaced with some sunshine. Once back at the 'office', both of our guests tried their hands at cleaning fish, but wisely gave that task back to the guide. It was a treat to spend this morning with such a charming couple.
There is no generation scheduled for either Saturday or Sunday. The winds for tomorrow are to be from the WSW at 5 MPH. We should continue to enjoy sunny skies with a high tomorrow of 62º F. Get out and enjoy this marvelous fall weather!