Sam launched under a fabulous sunrise at Bertrand Launch Ramp at 7 this morning with a couple aboard who had fished with us two years ago.  After tiptoeing through the shallows near the ramp, Sam stationed the boat downstream towards Spider Creek and settled down for a cool morning of both catching trout and catching up with friends. The bite was good, but not like the previous couple of weeks have been.  The bite slowed at 8:30ish, but the trout were still out there and interested in salmon peach.  The trip was good, as one can see in the picture.  Almost all of the fish taken were in the upper 12 inch range.  Additionally, many of the fish had hooks and broken lines in their mouths.  If you have been following these reports, you may notice that Sam and I have been catching our limit of five with the customers, as we do from time to time, since we are almost out of smoked trout.  
   In fact, while Sam was out this morning, I bank fished first, below Beaver Dam, then finished off my limit at the gravel bar below the launch ramp by the dam.  The water below the dam is very shallow, and the fish only bit for me until the sun got high enough to touch the water.   The bite at the gravel bar was great on salmon peach and garlic power bait.  I would recommend that, if you like to fish close to Beaver Dam, (100 yards away, of course), you might think about moving a bit downstream to the gravel bar below the launch ramp.  
   Generation today is scheduled from 3 through 6 PM.  The winds are from the SSE at 10-12 MPH.  The high today is predicted to be 82º F. under mostly sunny skies.  Get out there and have fun fishing!