Today’s launch was at 7:15 from Bertrand.  We anchored and began bait fishing.  As happened yesterday, the bite was good until about 9, slowed a while, then it picked up again about 10.   The fisherman on board today was a visitor from England who is spending three months touring the USA with a friend.  He said that the style of trout fishing here is different from what he is used to.  He was a quick study, however.  It took him only a few minutes to get used to feeling the bite before he was catching fish.
   Both guide and client put several fish in the well, then spent some time catching and releasing until it was time to head home.  Our client was quite surprised at one point.  Another fishermen hollered over asking how they were doing today.  Guide, Sam, replied, “Great!”  Our English fisherman said that would never happen in the UK.  One would always say the fishing was terrible for fear of giving away a secret spot or secret bait!  Guess US fishermen aren’t the only ones who tell a few lies.   He also explained that fishing is a lot more expensive in England and that the most reasonable way to finance this hobby is by joining a fishing club and getting access to the rivers they lease.
   This peaceful morning ended with cleaning fish that will be grilled at a local campground tonight.   We hope this visitor to Arkansas will take home some nice memories.  
   Tomorrow should be equally fine for fishing with no generation scheduled until 4 p.m.