Both boats launched this morning at Bertrand Launch Ramp with mutual friends equally divided between the boats.  Sam and I anchored close together so the passengers would be within 'cajoling range.'  What a show!  Not only did they put fish on the boats, but happily teased each other on how the art of catching fish should be accomplished.  Once again, both Sam and I collected our limits, and this is reflected in the clients' picture, for those of you who are wondering. The morning was, once again, perfect for fishing, clear and cool with very little wind until 30 minutes before we left for pictures and the cleaning station.  Tomorrow promises to be a repeat of today for those of you who are planning on wettinga line in the morning.
  There is no generation slated for today.  The high temperature for today is expected to hit 80ºF., under sunny skies with SSW winds at 15 MPH.