We really did not stop fishing for the past 3 days; but someone did get real lazy on the report beat.  Sorry!  The day began with fishing at the gravel bar near the Beaver Dam simply to see how the trout bite compared the that of Bertrand Launch Ramp area.  Sat down on the gravel bar and caught 5 fish in 20 minutes.  Used 6 different colors of power bait, yellow, salmon peach, garlic, rainbow, fluorescent orange and white.  While rainbow was the slowest bait that got a fish, white did not even get a bite.  Moved to Bertrand and fished for a short time since I was out of coffee, and caught four fish on the same colors that were successful upstream.  Bertrand was the location that had the better bite, although the gravel bar was just fine.
  Was getting ready to head for home when Ken indicated that he was going to fly fish for an hour.  I invited myself along and we fished at the mouth of Spider Creek.  Ken showed off with the number of trout he caught and released.  By the time I found the fly that worked, (when I caught the biggest), it was time for Ken to go back to work.  The fly that worked best was a wood duck colored midge.
  Generation is scheduled from 2 through 6 this afternoon.  The high temperature predicted for today is 75º F. under cloudy skies. Wind is from the WSW at 4 MPH.