We launched at Bertrand Launch Ramp at 7:15 this chilly morning and, with two brave souls aboard, headed to the fishing holes that have blessed us with numerous trout over the past couple of weeks.  They were still in the mood to satisfy the fishing dreams of our customers!  The clients were in a catch and release mode and really did their ‘job.'  They caught, and I carefully extracted the hooks from 60 trout over the time we were on the water.  In addition to having a pretty successful morning, the day was picture perfect.  We finished up then moved to Hosanna Hills HQ with nary a fish to clean.  There were quite a few people out fishing; and I hope you were among them!
   There is no generation scheduled for today.  The high temperature for today is expected to be 72º F. under sunny skies.  The winds are from the SSW at 9 MPH.