Sam and I each launched this morning between 7:30 and 8:00.  Sam was scheduled for some fly-fishing with a local customer, and Jim with a couple from Kansas.  Each boat proceeded downstream toward Spider Creek Island to begin the fishing experience.
   Jim and company anchored and began by throwing garlic, salmon peach and fluorescent orange. (Jim was fishing for his limit, too.)  We caught and released after each person had placed 4 in the live well.  Finally, we each caught our last one and headed in.  The morning, which had begun a little on the shiver side, was lovely after the sun rose a bit.  Just before weighing anchor, the stocking truck was dropping a load of trout into the river.  If you get a chance to go fishing, try where the stocking occurred, the Bertrand area or the gravel bar closest to the Beaver Dam.
   Sam may have been the official “guide” today, but our client was the teacher.  He was formerly a fly fishing guide in the Rocky Mountains and had plenty of stories to tell and tips to share.  The two of them visited, ate lunch, and swapped flies while enjoying the beauty of the river.  Each of these fishermen intended to keep just a couple of fish for supper, but were foiled by a plastic bag with a hole in the bottom, just large enough for for trout to swim through.  A generous stranger saved supper by sacrificing one of the fish on his stringer.
   There is no generation scheduled for today.  The high temperature for today is expected to be 63º F under mostly sunny skies.  The wind is from the NNE at 4 MPH.