Yesterday I fished at the gravel bar below Beaver Dam launch ramp and found that the trout liked yellow, salmon peach and rainbow power bait paste. They also liked the yellow and red power bait eggs with a waxworm attached. After I had spent some time catching and releasing, the stocking truck pulled up and dumped a load of fish. I immediately stopped fishing with bait and retrieved my heavier rod so that I could throw spoons and play with the 'stockers.' Caught and released the freshly stocked fish until, after losing a couple of spoons, I had had enough fun for the morning. What a morning!
This morning I took the rod I used in yesterday's 'spoon-fest' and decided to try my luck downstream from the Bertrand Launch Ramp. I carefully picked my way downstream from the ramp. Finally I arrived where I thought the trout would be easier to catch at a spot where the water was deeper near the bank and threw one cast. The lure did not feel right coming in. I found that my Quantum 20 had suffered a catastrophic failure. The pedestal from the main body of the reel to the rod had broken at the body of the reel. Of course, the reel was so old that this part, the main body, was no longer made. The reel was a great reel for the years that I have had it. I will go out with a different rod after this report is completed. You should too!
The generation for today is supposed to occur from 2 through 6 PM. The high temperature for today is expected to be 63º F. under mostly cloudy skies. Winds are from the NNW at 8 MPH.


Oct. 7 Addendum

As mentioned, I did continue fishing with a working reel at the mouth of Spider Creek. Sixteen trout latched onto a Colorado 1/4 oz. spoon, gold and silver, in just as hour!