Sam and I dragged ourselves out fishing this afternoon about 2:30. We decided to fish between Bertrand launch ramp and Spider Creek, which, as it turned out, was a good choice. The trout were biting on almost everything we tossed to them. The exceptions were nymph grape, rainbow and pink. The slowest response was on hatchery formula. We caught fish on yellow, salmon peach, chunky cheese, fluorescent red, salmon egg red and fluorescent orange. Since the fish were very active on the surface, a fly fisherman or two most likely would have had a field day! Unfortunately, there were only three kayaks floating around near the mouth of Spider Creek, and they left just after we arrived. No other boats were in sight; and no boats had launched at Bertrand, as evidenced by the lack of automobile tracks on the snow covered ramp. Tomorrow, after 8 AM, should be a nicer day to fish. There is no generation scheduled to take place on Saturday. The weather is predicted to bring us a high temperature of 48 degrees F. under cloudy skies with winds from the north at 9 MPH, gusting to 17. There is rain expected to occur throughout the night, but only until about 8 AM. Go out and fish! Hope to see you out there.