10484295_758493260918051_1634030849868462737_oWell we are a little late on this report, but it is a good one. We fished Saturday afternoon with a really nice couple. The goal of the trip was to have a good time and we did that. We started out trolling but had little luck, one strike and that was about it. Generating continued, but only at 56 units. We stopped our trolling when we came upon a couple of fishermen who had run out of fuel. The sad thing was they had asked some other fishermen for help and even offered to trade them some bait for a little gas, but were turned down. We helped them out and when asked if they could pay us we just asked them to pay it forward, which is the way it usually happens out on the river. We proceeded to anchor and bait fish. The current and the wind made it a little challenging where we were but we were nicely rewarded with a 16 1/2 inch rainbow. The race was on then and we ended up with a nice catch and a LOT of well fed fish. Today’s generation is 7-9 AM and 7-8 PM. There is a 20% chance of rain today with 14 mph winds. The rest of the week is lots of rain, some say 6 inches and pretty much all day generation through Thursday. Another note is the walleye fishing has been pretty good even though it is hit and miss. One fisherman caught 12 keepers one day and none the next day in the same spot, so I’ve heard.