Fishing Report for May 4 So sorry that this report is posted a day late, but the internet just did not cooperate last night. Monday morning, we launched imageat Houseman Access at 6:30 a.m. and headed down river trolling for walleye, whites, trout or what ever would like to come aboard and visit. Using Rapala scatterraps, we picked up some whites about a half mile downstream from Houseman. The water temperature was 66 degrees F., perfect for white bass. We marked a few small bait balls, which is a good indication that a greater quantity of whites will soon follow. Th trout, as might be expected were deeper, in the cooler water, or were farther upstream, We noted that the carp were spawning among the partially submerged roots of the trees that were growing next to the river. Aren't the gar next? After completing our trolling, we moved upstream and caught our limit in trout. It was a picture perfect morning on the White River. Looks like the magic will continue tomorrow, with a high temperature of 80 degrees F., under partly cloudy skies with southerly winds of 10 MPH, gusting to 18.