Sam and I fished this afternoon in the vicinity of the Bertrand launch ramp. We arrived around 1 PM and noted that a fly fisherman was doing quite a job on the trout. He said that he had been trying multiple flies and finally began catching trout on an olive midge. Unlike the past few days, the zebra midge was not doing much. We sat down on the rocks upstream from the ramp and found that the bite was fairly slow on power bait. The trout did bite on yellow, fluorescent orange, hatchery formula and pink. They totally ignored rainbow, garlic, red-white-blue and nymph grape. Due to the crowded parking lot, we elected to not try our luck at Parker Bend. The temperature was in the upper 40s, but the wind did get one's attention. If you are planning on trying your luck tomorrow, dress warmly! In past reports, the weather has been for the day of the fishing; however, future reports will strive to give the predictions for the following day, since the report usually is not posted quickly enough that the weather is pertinent. The generation schedule for 11-21-14 indicates that from 7 through 9 AM and from 6 through 8 PM, the water will be moving at 44% of capacity. The weather prediction for 11-21-14 calls for cloudy skies with a high temperature of 53 degrees F.. The winds are expected to be from the SE at 12 MPH. Rain is called for on and off during the day.