Must be getting wimpy in my old age! Waited until the temperature got above freezing before going out to fish at 1:30 PM. First stop was Parker Bend, where there were both fly and bait fishermen on scene. Neither of the groups appeared to be doing any good in the fish-catching exercise. Tried my luck and found myself in the same boat as the rest of the folks. Moved to Bertrand launch area and made my way downstream towards Spider Creek. Found that the trout were not having anything to do with yellow, rainbow or salmon peach. Finally got a bite on fluorescent orange after a 10 minute soak. Switched to hatchery formula and the bite began to happen within one minute. The trout were nice sized and gave a good fight. Since this was a catch and release day, all of the 'players' in the game left the field happy. (Earlier in the day, a fly fisherman friend of mine fished in the same area where I ended up and caught a few using an olive midge). The wind today was light, but had a bit of a bite to it, so, if you are planning on going out tomorrow, plan on a little more wind and dress accordingly. Generation tomorrow is scheduled to occur from 6 through 7 AM and from 6 through 8 PM at 44% of capacity. The high temperature for tomorrow is predicted to be 39 degrees F. under cloudy skies with the chance of flurries. The wind should be northerly at 7 MPH.