Well, there was no need to elbow a way in to a spot to fish, today. Waited until the temperature reached 30 degrees before I went fishing at Bertrand launch ramp. Fished directly on the ramp, since there was no one rushing to launch their boat. Only fished for about 45 minutes and used six different bait colors. Every color tried caught fish, and every fish was at least 12 inches long. Colors used were yellow, salmon peach, fluorescent orange, garlic, spring green and chartreuse. The trout seemed to look forward to get out of the cold wind and back into the warm water. The day was short, enjoyable and productive, if you wanted to play with the trout. Tomorrow is not expected to attain a temperature above freezing, so if you can get out today, do it! There was generation this morning at 7 and 8; there is more scheduled from 6 through 8 PM. The weather forecast calls for a high temperature of 33 today and 31 tomorrow. Today, partly cloudy skies are expected with winds from the NNW at 10 MPH. The low for tonight is predicted to be 20 degrees F.