The generation for the day ended at 9 AM. which leaves the rest of today for bank fishermen. Unfortunately, the access to the areas closest to the Beaver Dam are not yet opened. Parker Bend is where Sam and I tried this fine morning. The ramps still remain under water, but there is enough room on that 'out of the water' portion of the connecting walkway for a few chairs. We took advantage of some of that strip of concrete to catch, (and release), some trout. The bite was pretty slow, but was on pink, fluorescent orange, salmon peach, yellow and chunky cheese. Rainbow....not so much! There were a couple of boats trolling back and forth between Parker and parts unknown upriver. One thing about the high water is that boats can access the dam easily. Today through Thursday appears to be ideal for fishing in nice temperatures. Beginning Friday you may consider bundling up. Generation today was from 7 through 9 AM. The high temperature for today is somewhere 'north' of 42 degrees F., with NNW winds of 5 MPH. If you can, get out there and enjoy the day and catching fish.